Do air conditioning systems heat?

Yes, nearly all comfort cooling systems heat as well as cool. Utilising this source of heating is very efficient and compares extremely well against gas burners or electric heaters.

We have equipment with R22 in it, can you help?

If your equipment contains R22 and is still functioning as required you do not have to remove it immediately. However you should have regular leak checks to ensure it is within a sealed system and routine maintenance to help with efficiency. We recommend that you consider replacing this equipment as part of your buildings development. Be aware that system components and R22 are no longer available so the event of an equipment failure is likely to mean the end of its life.

Are 4facilities F-gas registered?

Yes, we are registered as an F-gas company. Our registration number is FGAS2001132. Our engineers are also individually qualified to carry out work on equipment containing F-gases.

What are the F-Gas regulations?

Full detailed copies of the current regulations are available on the .gov website and are easily found by following the link: www.gov.uk/guidance/f-gas-in-refrigeration-air-conditioning-and-fire-protection-systems In short, the operator responsible for equipment containing f-gas must take steps to ensure their equipment is correctly labelled, leak checked within the specified time scale by a suitably qualified person and the results of which recorded accordingly.

What is F-Gas?

F-gas is a common abbreviation for the term fluorinated gases. These are the greenhouse gases (HFC’s)which are commonly found within air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration equipment.

Do we offer an emergency call-out?

We will always strive to arrive on-site the same day as your call is placed. To our contract customers our engineers are available between 8am & 9pm for emergency situations.

What types of customers do we deal with?

We currently have a vast range of customers with varying needs. Our smallest maintenance contract is with a dentist who has one air conditioning unit. Our largest contracted customer has over 100 units within their boutique hotel.

Do we carry out work for non-contract customers?

Yes, we offer one off installations, repairs or maintenance visits for non-contract customers.

Do we only maintain or repair equipment we installed?

No, we are happy to work on equipment which was installed or previously maintained by others.

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