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When Air Conditioning is Better than Radiators

Why Air Conditioning Units are Great for Heating

People have a natural wariness when it comes to any type of electrical heating system because they’ve been notoriously expensive and inefficient in the past. In fact, particularly in commercial applications such as restaurants, hotels and pubs, air conditioning units can be a better option for heating than radiators. Counter intuitive though it seems, there are a number of reasons why air conditioning is a great option for these applications including money saving, controllability and space.

Energy Efficiency

The biggest concern about using air conditioning for heating is actually its biggest benefit. Air conditioning units heat up much more quickly than heating systems with radiators and boilers which means less energy is wasted getting them up to temperature before they start heating the rooms. Sending heated water long distances through pipes also results in significant heat loss and wasted energy. Air conditioning units don’t have this problem. Modern energy efficient air conditioning units can save hotel, restaurant and pub owners a significant amount on their energy bills especially if they’re maintained properly.

Off and On-able

One of the things that makes air conditioning units so efficient is that they are so easy to control. Whereas normal central heating systems take a long time to heat up and cool down, these units do this almost instantly. It means they don’t expend excess energy and finding a comfortable temperature doesn’t require someone to keep opening and closing windows which is essentially throwing energy away. Not only do different guests, diners or patrons have different comfort levels which requires quick temperature changes to keep as many happy as possible, being busy or quiet and when food is being cooked can dramatically change the temperature in your establishment so it’s very useful to have a heating system which can change from heating up to cooling down quickly.

Some units are even Wi-Fi enabled so can be controlled from a mobile device for optimum convenience and control.

Space Saving

Like radiators, air conditioning units come in different sizes but they don’t have to be connected to the floor so can be situated on walls or in ceilings to save floor space. In restaurants and pubs, the most popular seats are often by the windows and this is the most logical place for a radiator so heating your premises with an air conditioning unit saves vital space in these areas. Floor space is everything in most establishments which welcome guests and is particularly important in hotel rooms where just the little bit of space saved by not having a radiator taking up half a wall can make the rooms feel more spacious. Many buildings with lots of different areas are often warm in some places and cold in others for no discernible reason. Having separate air conditioning units in different areas makes it easy to maintain a consistent temperature throughout without having to worry about them all connecting back to a boiler.

Two in One

Another way air conditioning units save space and money is an obvious one; having your air conditioning doing the heating too means you don’t have to have two separate systems. It’s also worth remembering that some air conditioning units can remove humidity as required which is very useful for establishments with a kitchen and/or older buildings which always seem to have some kind of damp problem.

At 4Facilities, we install and maintain air conditioning units which can save our customers money on their energy bills and provide an effective, easy to run system which can keep their patrons comfortable and happy at any time of year. Call 01273 044045 for a free on-site consultation to see how we can help you.